Having an illness is serious enough; learning about it can be fun and playful.

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increased phosphate knowledge
Our app helps you increase your diet knowledge so you can reach your healthy lifestyle goals.
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Playing our games leads to lifestyle changes that empower you to improve symptoms and forget your illness.
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We make it easier to lead the life you want by working with your healthcare provider to align health goals with your personal life goals.

Almost all kidney patients follow a strict and complex diet.   You have often never even heard of the nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus that you now need to limit!  Adhering to your diet is further complicated because food labels are not required to list phosphorus.  We help you acquire the nutritional knowledge you need in a fun game app.  Nutritional information is conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner with ample images to reinforce learning. Current clients have seen reduced phosphorus levels in clinical blood work, and knowledge increased by 20%. The app also provides feedback on learning areas where you struggled. You can then focus on these problem areas during your next appointment with your healthcare provider.

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Our trusted game format helps people with diabetes make long-lasting diet changes.
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Do you know enough about salt and sodium? Learn all the ins and outs about lowering your blood pressure with diet.


Help where it is needed: at home, in the kitchen, and at the grocery store.



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