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Health care providers teaming with Robin Health Games have seen patient diet knowledge increase by more than 20%.

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Almost all kidney patients follow a strict and complex diet.  Patients need to limit nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus even if they have never even heard of them.  Phosphorus is also rarely listed on food labels.

People with kidney disease need to acquire lots of new nutritional knowledge.  And yet, in oral and written information transfer, patients on average only remember about 10% of the information.

FosFaatSpel teaches patients about phosphorus using a game app.  Nutritional information is conveyed in a fun, easy to understand manner with ample images to reinforce learning.  Current clients have seen reduced phosphorus levels and increased patient knowledge.

The app also provides feedback on learning areas where a patient struggled.  Healthcare providers can then focus on patient problem areas during appointments providing personalized feedback and better patient support.

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Our trusted game format helps people with diabetes make long-lasting diet changes.
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Enjoy learning about foods to lower blood pressure and reduce or even eliminate the need for medicine.

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Create error-free suggestions that take your client’s diets, allergies, and personal preferences into consideration.

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