RobinHealthGames specializes in gamifying nutritional information.

  • We boost diet knowledge in an enjoyable manner with real-time feedback.
  • We augment existing relationships between healthcare providers and patients to increase patient buy-in and therapy compliance. 

Our goal is to structurally change the healthcare sector.

  • We make it easier to align patient life goals and health goals. 
  • Our reports provide insight into the behavioral factors and knowledge gaps that prevent the patient from achieving personal goals.
  • Healthcare providers use our information to customize consultations for each patient.

The result is happier, healthier patients.

Competitive Advantages

Lasting Results

  • We identify the necessary steps for increased therapy compliance.
  • We digitalize the knowledge and incorporate new strategies to make lasting lifestyle changes.
  • Improved knowledge decreases dependencies on medicine.

Data-Driven Healthcare

  • We zero in on specific gaps in the knowledge base of the patients.
  • Doctors and dieticians increase patient satisfaction by using our reports to target messaging.

Serious Games

  • Our games are both a learning tool and a testing tool.
  • Patients learn new information and get a realistic view of their existing knowledge base.
  • Patients recognize in a non-confrontational way that they understand less about their diet than they think they do.


Winners patient innovation co-creation award 2019

Maria Ter Welle Prijs 2017

Louise Witteman — the right combination of knowledge, skill, and passion for driving impactful change in the healthcare industry.

  • Before starting RobinHealthGames, Louise spent over 12 years as a registered dietitian in her own practice. In addition to counseling patients, Louise developed e-learnings, educational frameworks, and education materials.  
  • In her practice, Louise noticed that many people are unaware of what is in the food they are consuming, and if they are on diets, they often feel restricted. To boost her patient’s performance, Louise was triggered to develop time-saving and effective e-health solutions.  
  • As founder of RobinHealthGames, Louise started developing serious games, e-health applications, and other tools for healthcare. Louise strives to change the narrative around food and educate patients on the positive choices that they can make. 
  • Louise is also the co-author of Voedingspiramide (Food pyramid) (2010) and author of Voeding en Mondgezondheid (Nutrition and Dental Health) (2014).

Kim Vrijen — Technical and organization skills to drive products to a broader market and develop high-impact customer solutions.

  • With her degree in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley, Kim started her career as a software engineer.  She transitioned to management and became proficient at translating company strategy and client input into sustainable, value-add end solutions. 
  • For 10 years, Kim worked as a leading consultant implementing a wide range of projects including customer management systems, client services implementations, and financial services solutions.
  • At RobinHealthGames, Kim is creating product roadmaps and accelerating product development. RobinHealthGames products can change patient’s lives and dramatically improve their health.  Kim’s goal is to expedite these benefits and make them accessible to as many patients as possible as quickly as possible.