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Robin Health Games

Robin Health Games is founded and owned by Louise Witteman. Louise graduated in nutrition & dietetics at the University of Applied Science of The Hague in 1999. Until 2012 she worked in her private practice as a registered dietician and nutritionist in the Netherlands. Louise developed e-learnings, educational frameworks and education materials. She is the (co-)author of Voedingspiramide (Food pyramid) (2010) and Voeding en mondgezondheid (Nutrition and dental health) (2014). Since 2009 Louise worked on therapy improvements through digital solutions. Making health more (cost)effective. She works with a great and knowledgable team!

Louise Witteman

Advisory board

Gertjan Schut

Business development

Sophie Luderer

Content advisor kidney disease

Femke Vlieland

Content advisor children

Mariëlle van Veen

Content advisor diabetes

Miriam Daemen

Content advisor diabetes

Jesse America

Advisor on gamification

Amon Endt

Advisor on gamification